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Tuesday, November 8, 2016


A fun yet very odd horror film from the Philippines.

John Ashley stars as a man kidnapped while scuba diving and taken to a mysterious island. Charles Macaulay is Dr. Gordon who runs the island and is doing some bizarre experiments concerning people and animals.

His daughter Neva is played by the gorgeous Pat Woodell and slowly she starts falling for Ashley's character of Matt Farrell. The doctor wants to use Farrell in experiments but of course, Farrell has other ideas.

The doctor has a bizarre stable of creatures in his underground cavern including a panther woman (Pam Grier), an antelope man, a bat man, a dog woman and many more. This is an obvious take on "Island Of Dr. Moreau and as I said, it's a lot of fun.

When Farrell and Neva escape with the subjects Steinman, excellently played by Jan Merlin heads out in pursuit. The refugees make their way slowly to the other side of the island and escape, but run into may obstacles.

Dr. Gordon is killed when a mysterious creation appears out of nowhere and kills him. Turns out that it was his wife, who is now part plant.

Bizarre thrills and some light comedy moments involving the "bat-man" learning to fly make this a winner in my book. It had been a long while since I actually saw this film, and my enjoyment of it never dies.

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