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Thursday, November 3, 2016


A great Chuck Norris action film from Cannon.

With the very sad closing of Hastings, which was the greatest store ever, I managed to pick up some Blu-Ray discs, new ones, for about 3 bucks and this was one of them.

Believe it or not I had never seen this film until I watched this disc, and damn it was enjoyable as anything I have seen in a while.

Chuck plays Matt Hunter, a one man army who must take it upon himself to save the USA from vile attacks by a very large terrorist organization.

The leader of the group is Mikhail Rostov played by the wonderful Richard Lynch. Various violent and deadly attacks occur in Florida and Rostov wants the former CIA agent Hunter dead before he begins attacks all over the USA.

Is this a mindless action film? Damn right and it's brilliant!! Lynch makes a perfect villain and the action sequences, which are many, are well handled.

Joseph Zito handles the directing chores well and the movie really moves along at a very brisk pace. There is hardly a dull moment in this film and if you like action films, especially from Cannon, then this is for you. If only they made movies like this today.

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