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Friday, November 25, 2016


Interesting comedy/caper film.

Seven men who are in jail plan an ingenious crime to escape, print British Pounds, keep the bills hidden, return to prison and then when they are released they will have plenty of money.

Lionel Stander is one of the escaping inmates and he only wants to get out and not go back as planned. His performance is a key factor that makes this film entertaining. it's no classic, but it is engrossing as far as films like this go.

It is very reminiscent of "Who's Minding The Mint". The one reason I purchased this film is because of Erika Blanc, but I failed to see her in the film even though her name is indeed in the credits. I may have to re-watch this to see if I missed her, but whatever.

If you like this kind of film, you'll be happy with this one. I enjoyed it, but I have seen much better. The print from Sinister is ok.

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