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Friday, November 4, 2016


It had been a very long time since I saw this little film.

This was an unexpected and very huge hit when it first came out.

A group of very hungry, furry alien creatures known as Krites escape from a spaceship and crash land on Earth. They land in a small community in the midwest and proceed to snack on the local inhabitants.

They are followed to earth by two intergalactic bounty hunters. The Krites settle on a small farm where a family finds itself fighting for their lives.

Dee Wallace is the mother, and Billy Green Bush is her husband. They have two children played by Scott Grimes and Nadine Van der Velde. The four are besieged by the little monsters and then the fun starts.

There is a good amount of comedy thrown into this film and it actually works well. The film was so successful it spawned several sequels, but none of those are as good as this original.

If you haven't seen this cult classic, you should. It's a hoot and a great example of 80's horror/comedy.

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