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Saturday, November 26, 2016


Interesting presentation from Sinister Cinema.

The first is an 18 minute short starring Christopher Lee as a hitchhiker picked up by a lovely young woman. It soon become apparent that he is a vengeful spirit seeking revenge, but against whom?

It plays out like a very good episode of "Twilight Zone". Rare and a real treat for fans of Lee or horror in general.

The second feature on here is a real treasure. Sonny Joe Fox from KMEL sits down for an interview with the greatest horror host of all time, Bob Wilkins.

Wilkins spins some great tales about the movies he ran and the guests he had on the show. he talks about George Lucas and Boris Karloff as well as John Carradine and much more.

His favorite film during his entire 14 year run as a horror host was "Night Of The Living Dead" and I found that quite an honor and a surprise.

This is a wonderful 25 minute talk and it is sure to please anyone who grew up in the Bay area in the 70's watching Wilkins show.

A HUGE thanks to Greg Luce at Sinister Cinema for putting this out. Another top release of the year!

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