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Monday, November 14, 2016


Several interesting things are coming to kick off 2017.

On January 31st Blue Underground is releasing "Love Camp 7" to Blu-ray! This is the film that launched the "Naziploitation" era on the big screen. This is a long time wait for me that is finally ending.

Kino has officially announced the release date of the 1966 Ray Harryhausen gem entitled "One Million Years B.C.". The date is February 14th, and that is a special Valentines gift for DVD collectors.

This will be the 100 minute version not seen in the US, but will also include the 91 minute US cut. This Blu-ray is one of the best releases of the coming year, and who can ever complain about Raquel Welch in a fur bikini!?

Lastly Arrow has announced that on February 21st they will unleash on Blu-ray the very odd but highly entertaining "Psychomania" from 1972.

George Sanders stars in this strange film about a motorcycle gang that manages to rise from the dead. Again, this is a real treat. All three of these films are very welcome additions to my Blu-ray collection.

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