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Saturday, November 5, 2016


Good crime film from Sam Peckinpah.

This is another Blu-ray I bought for less than 2 bucks brand new when Hasting's closed their doors in mid October.

Steve McQueen is a thief named Carter "Doc" McCoy, who after making arrangements with a corrupt official is released from prison after four years. His wife Carol had to sleep with the official named Beynon to get the release as well as have McCoy hired by Beynon for another heist.

Ali McGraw is perfect as Carol who helps Carter plan the robbery of $750,000 from a small bank in Beacon City, TX. As expected Carter is double crossed and then then chase is on.

Carter finds that his wife Carol is in on the double cross plot, but she soon changes her mind and sticks with Carter. McQueen and McGraw are perfect as the married couple on the run from both the law and the gangsters.

Sam Peckinpah handles everything just fine in this film, and while it's not ultra violent there are some memorable scenes in this film.

The rest of the solid cast includes Ben Johnson, Sally Struthers (very memorable), Slim Pickens, Jack Dodson, Dub Taylor and Bo Hopkins in an unforgettable role as a trigger happy thug named Frank Jackson.

I highly recommend this film, and the Blu-ray is solid is both picture and sound. The only thing I couldn't figure out was why everything on the menu is in Japanese!

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