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Saturday, November 19, 2016


One of the most unusual films ever made finally comes to Blu-ray.

Shout Factory has done the world a favor by letting the masses see this film in a beautiful transfer. Bruce Campbell is Elvis Presley, who isn't really dead but living in a rest home in east Texas.

His day to day living is hell and he has a cancerous growth on his penis which has to be drained almost everyday. He meets a black man named Jack (Ossie Davis) who is, in reality, John Kennedy who has been turned black and has part of his brain in the white house being controlled by the politicians there.

These two old timers must do battle with a 4000 year old soul sucking mummy that comes out of a swamp near the rest home.

This wild plot is full of comedic moments and spot on acting from the two leads who play well off of one another. However, besides the comedy and thrills there is a very sad tale of how old people are disregarded by society, and I can really relate to that as well.

Don Coscarelli really gives the film life and gets the very best out of everything despite the very low budget. The disc comes with interviews of several key people including Campbell, Davis, Coscarelli and more.

Easily one of the best releases of the year, this is simply a MUST SEE film. Check it out.

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