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Thursday, November 17, 2016


Interesting film noir.

Robert Cummings is a down on his luck man named Chuck Scott who finds a wallet and returns it to the owner.

The owner happens to be a gangster named Eddie Roman (Steve Cochran). Chuck is hired on the spot as a chauffeur because of his honesty. Roman's main henchman, Gino is played to the hilt by Peter Lorre.

As the story progresses it becomes obvious that Chuck is falling in love with Roman's wife Lorna (Michele Morgan) an this leads them head first into trouble.

Now if case you didn't know, the entire movie is a plot twist and just when you think it has come to an end, the entire plot virtually starts over again! Yes, this is somewhat confusing, but it makes the film unique.

The print from Mill Creek is shitty at best and I have seen much better prints elsewhere (Sinister Cinema). The title card is missing and there are a lot, and I mean a lot of splices.

However, this is a great film noir and one not to be missed. Talk about bizarre!

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