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Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Another interesting entry in the Kommissar X series.

This time Captain Rowland and Joe Walker are on the trail of three criminals who are looking for over three million dollars worth of stolen diamonds.

Their search takes them from Europe to the Calgary Stampede. It's interesting to see the Stampede used as a background for this type of film, but it makes for interesting viewing.

Gorgeous Erica Blanc is a young woman caught in the middle of all the spies and stolen jewels, but she proves not to be what she pretends in a very neat twist ending.

Brad Harris and Tony Kendall are, of course, Rowland and Walker, and they do a fine job as usual. The print from Sinister is excellent and Blanc makes the picture for me.

If you like the Kommissar X series you'll like this as well. Good stuff and a very good release for the entire year.

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