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Friday, November 18, 2016


This one is a winner from start to finish.

Edward G. Robinson is an investigator on the War Crimes Commission trying to find a Nazi hiding in the USA. His name is Wilson and the man he seeks in Franz Kindler, a Nazi who has seemingly destroyed every bit of his past.

Wilson releases from prison Kindler's friend Meinike, who immediately travels to a small New Hampshire town with Wilson in hot pursuit. Meinike is murdered before he can identify Kindler, but that does not deter Wilson.

Orson Wells is Prof. Charles Rankin aka Franz Kindler, and he finds his past catching up with him. Loretta Young is his new wife and she too is pulled into a whirlwind of lies and murder by her husband.

Wells also directed this fine film noir and he really pulls out all the stops. There is a terrific build up to suspense and then the film never stops until the end title card.

All of the actors are very good, of course and each one makes you really believe that they are who they are playing in the film. This has a classic ending atop a college clock tower. Once seen not forgotten.

Highly recommended film and the print from Mill Creek isn't too bad.

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