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Sunday, November 6, 2016


My favorite Superman film redone.

Donner was replaced as the director of this film by Richard Lester during filming, an the film was a big hit, but this is a version that Donner wanted.

There are a lot of new scenes, music cues, and some of the characters are more fleshed out than in the previous version, and I have to admit I like this one much better.

Each viewer can decide which one they like better and I will not go into every detail of what is new. I think you should find that out for yourself.

The basic plot is still the same and we find three super beings from Krypton escaping captivity and coming to Earth to take over. General Zod (Terence Stamp), Non (Jack O' Halloran) and the gorgeous Ursa (Sarah Douglas) are the three who find earth very easy to conquer and intend on making a now human Superman bow down to them as well.

Superman has his hands full with these three and the battle scenes are spectacular. I am glad I finally got to see this version, and I think every Superman fan will want to. As I mentioned, I am not going to give much away here...just watch it and enjoy it for the classic that it is.

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