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Tuesday, November 1, 2016


A very well made western with Dick Powell.

Powell stars as John Haven, a government investigator called in when two US cavalrymen are killed while transporting a gold shipment.

Haven goes to a small mining and logging town to find the culprits. Agnes Moorehead is Mrs. Caslon who helps John with the investigation. This leads him to a beautiful woman named Charlie (Jane Greer) whom he finds is actually behind all the robberies.

I really liked this combination of film noir and western and Powell plays his part very well with a subtle mixture of honesty and sarcasm.

Burl Ives sings a song or two to move the plot along, which I think is an excellent idea. One line of a song is "A man can't grow old where's there's women and gold" and boy that fits this movie like a glove.

This RKO film is a MUST see for any film fan and I cannot recommend it enough. The rest of the cast includes Raymond Burr, Guinn "Big Boy" Williams and Tom Powers.

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