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Tuesday, November 15, 2016


One of the greatest film noirs ever made.

Tom Neal stars as a down on his luck pianist who is traveling across country to see his girlfriend. He meets up with a man who offers him a ride all the way to Los Angeles.

Neal accepts the ride but the man soon dies and Neal is terrified that he will be accused of murder so he steals the man's car and money.

To make things even worse he offers a woman a ride and then finds out that this shrew is actually someone who knew the dead man and she accuses him of murder as well and then blackmails him to stay with her and sell the car for money.

Directed by Edgar Ulmer, this classic Film Noir is one of the darkest films you'll ever see. It's ultra low budget, but very intense and downbeat.

I assume most of the people who read this have seen this film, but re-visit it and if you haven't seen it do so and see what excellent film making is all about.

Neal is perfect in his role and so is Ann Savage as Vera, a very twisted woman.

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