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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Filmmaker Nathan Schiff made this classic film in 1980 and it came to DVD in 2003 and what a treat it is. Shot on Super 8 film, this shocker involves a mysterious substance brought from space that causes a weasel to grow into a giant mutant.
Meanwhile a mad scientist experiments woth people and uses a kidnapped detective as a teast subject and he turns into what I can only describe as a zucchini monster who eventuallt fights the giant weasel. Throw into the mix some ultra cool detectives, man eating sharks and gore and you have a wonderful amateur film from one of the best filmmakers around.
Schiff used to be a customer of mine when I ran a mail order business for VHS tapes in the 80's and he was always a pleasure to talk to.
Check out this movie if you can find it as well as other Schiff wonders like Long Island Cannibal Massacre and They Don't Cut The Grass Anymore. Great films all!!

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