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Sunday, August 18, 2013


Documentary on the bizarre.

This 90 minute documentary showcases exploitation films of such luminaries as Doris Wishman, Roger Corman, H.G. Lewis, David Friedman, Harry Novak and many others.

Many of the above named people are interviewed and talked to about their films and how they managed to take on the big studios and come out on top. Actors such as Dick Miller and Vampira elaborate on some of the more bizarre aspects of these films and a lot of pretty cool clips are shown as well.

I used this movie to teach a small film class a few years ago and the students loved it. They even made their own low, low budget horror film shot in two days!! Ahh yes filmmaking as it should be. Anyway, this is a highly entertaining look at how things used to be and probably should still be in the movie making business today.

I would recommend this to anyone with a serious interest in bizarre movie and their makers.

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