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Saturday, March 15, 2014


I decided to re-visit my favorite Italian vampire film.

Anita Ekberg stars as a young woman who is about to get married when she receives word that she has inherited a castle. She goes to check it out and soon cancels her wedding plans. Her fiance isn't happy about this so he goes to find her.

When he arrives at the castle he is refused entrance. We soon learn the Ekberg is the ancestor of a witch named Malenka who experimented with Black Magic and now she herself is cursed.

Ekberg looks good through most of the film, but I just don't understand the curls in her hair after she arrives, but this is nitpicking. The standouts in my book are Diana Lorys and Rosanna Yanni as ultra sexy sisters who work in a bar in the small town that is terrorized by the castle and it's history and Adriana Ambesi as Blinka, one of the sexiest vampires to ever appear in a movie.

These three women alone make this film well worth watching. It does have some nice Gothic touches to it and Armando De' Ossorio does a very good job directing. If you like vampire films check this out and if possible get the one from Retromedia as it is the longest print I have seen of this film. And don't worry, you won't be like John Austin Frazier when you see this film.

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