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Thursday, March 27, 2014


Aka Devil Doll Men.

One of the creepiest Mexican horror films ever made, this bizarre tale focuses on a group of people who has stolen an ancient voodoo idol and are now cursed to die for it.

A voodoo priest uses doll sized killer with very sharp needles to kill the four men and their family members. When they are killed the people are also turned into dolls and used for other killings.

These little killers are really something to see, and every scene they are in is well done with shadows and lightening flashes. It is something every horror fan who has seen this film will remember. The lovely Elvira Quintana and Ramon Gay are the heroine and hero respectively an both in real life met very untimely deaths.

The set from BCI is a two sided disc and features both the US and Mexican versions of the film. the Mexican version is slightly longer, and fills out a few scenes that the US distributor cut out. Directed by veteran Benito Alazraki, this is one Mexican film that really delivers the creepy goods.

I first saw this on the USA Network with Commander USA many years ago and seeing it again has made me like it even more.

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