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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Re-reviewing this now on Blu-ray.

I reviewed this a while back and now Shout Factory has finally made this available on Blu-ray and it looks better than ever.

Two young valley girls manage to survive after the rest of mankind has been wiped out after a meteor shower either turns them to dust or changes them into decaying zombies. Catherine Mary Stewart and Kelli Maroney are Regina and Samantha, respectively and after finding everyone dead start adjusting to their situation.

They meet Hector, a young man played by Robert Beltran and the three of them try to survive the best they can. The girls love using guns and go on a shopping spree, of course. Little do they know they are being watched by a group of scientists who want their blood in order to slow down their own decomposition.

This is a fun film and one that every fan of sci-fi should watch. There is plenty of horror, comedy and pathos for everyone. Director Thom Eberhardt does an excellent job of showing us an abandoned Los Angeles, and back in the good old days it was done just by shooting the opening scenes on Christmas morning instead of using CGI.

Trivia: In one of the scenes you see window washers on a skyscraper. That is one of the hazards of low budget filmmaking. The film on Blu-ray is beautiful and I commend Shout for turning out such a gem with the loving care it deserves.


  1. For those who enjoy the film, there's a fan site at