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Monday, March 24, 2014


This is the first Santo film I ever saw.

Santo, who is called "The Saint" in this dubbed version fights a mad doctor and his army of zombies. Armando Silvestre is the police Lt. Savage who is also on the case.

Sexy Lorena Valesquez is a woman whose father has been turned into a zombie by the mad scientist. There are some interesting scenes in this fun South of The Border thriller such as when Santo stops the villains from taking children from an orphanage and using them as experimental subjects, and also later when an opponent of Santo's is changed into a zombie and enters the ring. Santo rips the zombies control belt off and the zombie promptly dies.

This is fun stuff, and I will never forget first seeing this when I was in my teens when it popped up on TV. I ha never seen such a film before, but I had read about them in Famous Monsters. After seeing this I was hooked, and still am. Recommended.

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