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Sunday, March 16, 2014


It took me forever to get this gem back in my collection.

One of the finest Mexican horror films ever made stars German Robles in his film debut as Count Lavud, the vampire who is out to destroy all the relatives who attempted to destroy him many years ago.

The gorgeous, beautiful and stunning Ariadna Welter is a Mexican woman who goes to a small town to arrange for her Aunt's funeral and finds the village terrorized by stories of vampires. Unbeknownst to her, her remaining aunt is also a vampire and helping Lavud.

Abel Salazar is Dr. Enrique who also stops in the small town. He is there at the request of an unknown person to help find out why all of the people are dying. He plays an excellent hero and is well paired with Welter.

This is one hell of a great movie that has tons of Gothic flavor and setting. The disc is in Spanish but it does have subtitles. I finally got this film back in my library after a few years and it was good to see this gem again. It is sad Casa Negra went out of business as they had a lot of other South of The Border horrors lined up as well.

I can't recommend this enough.Find it, watch it an enjoy the film that started the Mexican horror genre.

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