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Thursday, March 13, 2014


Re-visiting one of my favorite Japanese movies.

Russ Tamblyn and the incredibly sexy Kumi Mizuno star in this Japanese monster fest about two giant monsters, one green that eats people and the other brown that dual to the death thru Tokyo.

The story starts with a ship being attacked by a giant octopus and being sunk by the green monster. from there the clues add up and then the green monster attacks the airport and makes itself seen by many.

The monster are pretty cool and there is plenty of action to keep your interest throughout this film. It never seems to let up and sometimes I wonder how they squeezed all this into 92 minutes. The brown gargantua was raised by Kumi and her scientist friends when it was young so it tries to protect mankind by fighting the green gargantua. The fight scenes are very well done.

I love this film as much now as I did when I first saw it at age 10. Classic media has released this is a beautiful widescreen print in both the original Japanese language version on the dubbed version. Great stuff here. Recommended!!

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