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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Pam Grier's last blaxploitation film.

Grier is Sheba Shayne, a young woman who travels to her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky to help her father who is being forced out of business by a mysterious gang.

She and her former boyfriend investigate and find the mobsters that are threatening and eventually kill her father. Sheba vows revenge on all of them. Grier always looks so damn hot and she carries this movie very well under the direction of William Girdler.

Austin Stoker is perfect as Brick Williams, Grier's former boyfriend who add muscle to her investigation. Also on hand is Girdler regular Charles Kissinger as well as D'Urville Martin and Rudy Challenger. This is a fast moving film that pulls the viewer in and never lets go.

It's a shame this was Pam's final film in this genre, but all good things must end and at least it ended on a high note. See this film and revel in the greatness that is Pam Grier.

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