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Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Why the hell isn't this available on DVD?

One of my favorite films of all time. Several people are stranded on an island after a shipwreck and it seems that the island is inhabited by small creatures who resemble the Zuni doll in "Trilogy Of Terror" and these little critters are vicious as hell.

These little things attack the survivors at every turn and it is fun watching the actors as they are being attacked. Shot in Fairfield Connecticut, this is a very cool and effective shocker. Most people just write crap about this film because they cannot see anything but MST3K crap.

There is also a great scene where one of the survivors thinks he has found a stream to drink from and it turns out to be acid!! This is truly an unforgettable scene. I reviewed this film a while back and thought I'd put it back on here as I like to keep this one fresh in people's minds.

I keep hoping this little gem will finally get a decent DVD release sometime in the future.

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