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Saturday, March 22, 2014


More fun South Of the Border horror..

A professor enlists the aid of Santo when he goes on an expedition to find the tomb of a long dead Indian warrior named Nanoc. Once they arrive at the tomb and take the jewelry and maps for study, members of the party start to die one by one.

It seems Nanoc has come back from the dead and is now killing people with his bow and arrow. The corpse is quite agile and can run at a good pace when needed. Santo gets into a fist fight with the Mummy which has to be seen to be believed, and it is all brought to a conclusion some time later in an ending that is somewhat of a letdown.

Mary Montiel and Alma Rojo are the two very attractive women in the party an they do make the film watchable when nothing else is going on. Not the best of Santo films, but not the worst either. if you get a chance, see it.

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