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Thursday, March 6, 2014


Revisiting a 50's classic.

William Hopper and Joan Taylor star in this classic film about a rocket that crashes back to earth after a trip to Venus. All but one man dies and soon the race is on to find a small canister containing a specimen of life from the planet.

The canister is bought by a zoologist from a young boy who finds it and soon the creature hatches and begins to grow at a frightening rate. Hopper is the only surviving astronaut from the trip and he an the US Military try and find the monster. they race around Italy and soon find the creature and trap him alive.

It escapes again and destroys a lot of Rome before finally being destroyed. The Ymir is a master work of Ray Harryhausen. This is a fun film and one that needs to be re-watched every now and then. Hopper and Taylor are fine in the lead roles an the entire film rolls along very smoothly.

The rest of the cast includes Thomas B. Henry, Frank Puglia, John Zaremba, Tito Vuolo and Arthur Space.

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