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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Not too bad of a sci-fi film.

John Carradine is an alien who comes to Earth bringing peace and only a scientist believes that he is benevolent, while the military sees him as an enemy or a military advantage.

The alien is invisible at will, but decides to become visible and tries to communicate with the scientist and a young crippled boy. His message is never fully understood, but the scientist, Karl Sorenson, played by Bruce Bennett, tries to help the alien, but must also fight the military.

The military is represented by Col. Matthews, played by Paul Langton and Gen. Knowland played by Herbert Lytton. The cast is rounded out by Angela Greene and Scotty Morrow.

Interesting and sometimes bizarre, this film is recommended to fans of 50's sci-fi, an the print quality is very good from Image.

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