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Thursday, March 20, 2014


A classic from Bert I. Gordon.

Lovely Peggy Castle is a reporter who accidentally stumbles upon a mystery in Illinois when she discovers that the National Guard is hiding the fact that an entire town was wiped out overnight.

Audrey Aimes (Castle) works on the story with the help of Dr. Ed Wainwright, played by Peter Graves. They uncover the mystery and soon discover that a horde of giant locusts are responsible and now they are heading for Chicago.

The local National Guard headed by Col. Tom Sturgeon (Thomas B. Henry) believes they can handle the situation until they are wiped out and the Army is called in headed by Gen. John Hansen, played with the usual aplomb by Morris Ankrum. Before too long Chicago is swarming with the giant monsters that seemingly cannot be stopped.

This is the stuff of pure fun. Sure the effects are cheap, but who cares, the story and the actors make up for it anyway. With Morris Ankrum in charge, we will always win. This is one of my favorites from the ear of the big bug movie and one that I can recommend to you.

The rest of the cast includes Than Wyenn, James Seay, Frank Wilcox and Hank Patterson.

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