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Monday, March 17, 2014


A wonderful sequel to a wonderful film.

Abel Salazar and the gorgeous Ariadna Welter return as does German Robles as Count Lavud. In this film grave robbers steal the boy of the dead vampire and take the stake out of his heart. Lavud returns to life and again seeks Welters character of Marta.

There is a little comedy in this as well with Salazar's characters of Dr. Enrique trying to convince the hospital administrator that a vampire is loose in the hospital. Salazar and Welter play off of each other very well again, an while this film doesn't have the Gothic atmosphere of the first film, it is still a very entertaining sequel that should be appreciated by fans of Mexican horror or horror in general.

It will in spots remind you of a Universal horror film of the 40's, and that is it's charm. Highly recommended.

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