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Wednesday, March 5, 2014


The best adaptation of the novel ever made.

Dan Curtis, the undisputed master of TV horror produced this classic rendition of the Robert Louis Stevenson story. Jack Palance stars as Henry Jekyll, a mild mannered doctor who believes he can bring out the evil in people with a potion he has made.

This two hour version wastes no time in getting started and Palance is perfect as both Jekyll and Hyde. His Hyde is easily the most evil version to ever be committed to film. Billie Whitelaw is Gwyn, the young woman who at first falls for Hyde, but then comes to realize what a sinister person he really is.

This was shot on video tape, which was the norm back then and the music score is by the wonderful Robert Cobert. Some of the music is lifted from the Curtis classic "Dark Shadows". This is really must see entertainment for anyone who really likes horror.

the rest of the cast includes Denholm Elliot, Leo Genn, Duncan Lamont, Oskar Homolka and Elizabeth Cole. Highly Recommended!!

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