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Saturday, March 29, 2014


More wrestling classics from WWE.

Another great 3 disc set from WWE that highlights WCW and some of their greatest PPV matches. Hosted by Booker T, disc one starts in Nov. 1987 with Starrcade 87 and goes thru July 1990. You have the Starrcade 87 match Ron Garvin Vs. Ric Flair, Starrcade 88 classic between Sting & Dusty Rhodes vs. The Road Warriors and much more.

Disc two starts in July 1991 and ends in Oct. 1994. On this disc are matches that include Vader vs. Cactus Jack in a violent Texas Death Match from Halloween Havoc 1993 and Wargames 1992 where the Sting Squadron took on the Dangerous Alliance. There is much more included on the disc that any wrestling fan will enjoy.

Disc three starts at the groundbreaking Bash At The Beach in 1996 when the Outsiders, Scott Hall & Kevin Nash took on Randy Savage, Lex Lugar and Sting. This was the match that Hulk Hogan went black and white and formed the NWO. No other match in the history of the sport ever garnered so much controversy as well as acclaim. Also on this disc is Slamboree 1998 when Brett Hart took on Randy Savage an a heck of a lot more.

All in all this is a great set, and anything the WWE turns out with the WCW label is ok in my book. If you're a wrestling fan you have to get this set. Over 7 hours of memories of the greatest wrestling company that there ever was.Since this is Vol. 1, I can only hope Vol. 2 follows quickly. Recommended!!

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