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Saturday, March 15, 2014


Wow, have I read a lot of sour reviews for this film.

In this day and age of idiotic garbage such as Ironman and most of the other comic book shit that passes for movies these days it was nice to see a somewhat old fashioned horror film. I enjoyed this immensely and cannot understand the scathing reviews I have read.

There are some pretty bad CGI effects in this film, but that is usually the case with CGI. I much prefer squibs myself, but I am old school filmmaking. Thomas Kretschmann is Dracula and does a very understated job and makes the Count very evil and compelling at the same time. Rutger Hauer is a very good Van Helsing.

Marta Gastini is Mina and the always lovely Asia Argento is a perfect Lucy. To me it was refreshing to see a vampire film without all of the usual modern day filmmaking crap thrown in. I guess, after all, I can understand all the comments from today's movie going public as they wouldn't really know a good movie if they saw it.

This is a good film, see it for yourself and judge. You might be surprised.

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