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Saturday, March 1, 2014


Revisiting another classic patchwork film.

I first encountered this at a very young age and didn't know what the hell I was watching. Flash forward about 30 years and when VHS was popular I saw it again and now here it is on DVD.

Roger Corman's company "The Filmgroup" took a Russian sci-fi film and edited new footage into it about a race of sexy women living on Venus who are almost spotted by the astronauts who land there. The other footage is from the Russian film Nebo Zowet" if memory serves me correctly.

I did like a lot of the original footage, especially when they encounter the dinosaurs that look like lizard men. Pretty cool stuff. Mamie Van Doran leads the sexy hip hugging wearing women who just lay on the beach and eat raw fish while worshiping a flying monster as a God.

Strange film, but not uninteresting as some have said. Peter Bogdanovich directed the added scenes and also narrated. An oddity worth checking out.

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