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Friday, March 7, 2014


Finally available on Blu-ray.

This classic 80's horror film is one not to be missed and I am very glad this is finally out again on DVD and now Blu-ray as well.

Gorgeous Tawny Kitaen is Linda Brewster, a young woman who is introduced to a Ouija board by her former lover at a party. She starts using it alone and befriends what she thinks is the spirit of a dead 10 year old boy.

Soon her behavior starts to change and the spirit becomes deadly with everyone around her meeting very gruesome deaths. it is then up to her boyfriend and former lover to destroy the Ouija board and save Linda.

There are some bloody deaths in this film an it is all well staged and Kevin Tenney does an excellent job in the directing area. A few months ago Olive released "Witchboard 2" and I was hoping this would come out, and sure enough Shout Factory made it happen.

This film just kind of sucks you in and gets you involved in the story which is the sign of a well made film. Todd Allen, Burke Byrnes and Rose Marie also star, but it is Kitaen that everyone will remember. As Linda, she is a standout and as beautiful as they come. If you are into 80's horror, this is a no brainer to pick up. The Blu-ray is top notch all the way and there are some interesting extras including interviews with the cast and a behind the scenes documentary.

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