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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


One of the best of the Hammer vampire films.

Ingrid Pitt stars as Carmilla, a young woman who is actually a vampire who comes to a peaceful little town and victimizes a young woman.

First she kills the daughter of a General (Peter Cushing) and then moves onto a young woman whose father has left for a while. Her reign of terror sweeps over the entire household. Pitt is excellent as Carmilla and Madeline Smith is the young woman who is Carmilla's next victim. Roy Ward Baker does a good job directing the cast which also includes George Cole, Kate O' Mara, Ferdy Mayne, Dawn Addams, Douglas Wilmer and Pippa Steel.

I have reviewed this before but this is the first time the film has been on Blu-ray and it looks very good. The color and sound is top notch and Shout has given some pretty good extras. However I found the short featurette entitled "Resurrecting The Vampire Lovers" to be much to concerned about sexuality than the actual film itself. It is trite and of no value, but then again it won't effect your viewing of the film.

I can't recommend this enough to horror fans or Hammer Fans.

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