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Saturday, March 8, 2014


I re-watched this film a while back and it was just as entertaining the second time around.

On a red eye flight to Paris, a group of scientists put a cargo aboard the plane that consists of an infected scientist kept in suspended animation. What is she infected with you ask? It's simple, a genetically developed virus that reanimates dead bodies.

While flying thru a storm the equipment stops working and the woman reanimates and soon the plane, at 30,000 feet is overrun with flesh eating zombies. This is a unique concept, having a plane infected with zombies. The gore effects are fine for this type of film, an the pacing is good as well.

Erick Avari as Dr. Bennett, the scientist who created the virus is perfect as the cowardly scientist who by the end of the film has become a zombie tribute to Johnny Eck, and those who have seen the movie will know exactly what I mean. I recommend this for something a bit different.

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