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Monday, September 26, 2016


The world of horror has grown a little darker today.

The "Godfather Of Gore" has died at the age of 87. Lewis was a genius when it came to promoting films. His all time classics include such delights as "Two Thousand Maniacs", "Blood Feast" and "Color Me Blood Red" as well as many others.

Lewis started his career in 1961 directing what were called "Nudie Cuties" and eventually branched out into horror films with his then partner, producer David Friedman.

Blood Feast broke a lot of local box office records back in it's day and it set Lewis and Friedman up in the movie business. Hershell also had a background in English Literature and voiced many commercials and radio spots.

When Lewis retired from making films he had amassed a fortune which enabled him to live a very good life. Those low budget gore films made him a very rich man.

He will be missed by friends and family and the film world, but he has left a long lasting legacy that will NEVER go away.

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