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Wednesday, January 23, 2019


A classic of twisted British horror.

Beautiful Candace Glendenning stars as Catherine Yorke, a young woman who is involved in a bizarre car crash while travelling with her parents to her uncle's house.

Her parents are killed and she is forced to stay with her Uncle Alexander (Michael Gough). Alexander has a very odd and bizarre son named Stephen (Martin Potter) who likes to tie women up and have his way with them.

Also in the house is Alexander's secretary Frances (Barbara Kellerman) who appears to be somewhat of a nymphomaniac having an affair with Stephen. Of course, Stephen sets his sights on Catherine.

It becomes clear later on after a string of strange incidents that Catherine is going to be used as a sacrifce to Satan on her 20th birthday, which is just a couple of days away.

There are some mighty bizarre set pieces to this film and some absolutely head spinning plot twists, but that to me is what makes this film so much fun. The film is presented uncut and in widescreen for the first time ever and includes the scissors scene that was cut from both the US and British prints. A watch out for the nail file scene!!! Once seen, not forgotten.

The film is hosted by the beautiful Katarina Leigh Waters who gives us a ton of trivia about the film and the people who made it. As I have said before, I love everything Katarina does. The disc also contain a Making Of documentary and Norman Warren's first short film entitled "Fragment".

This was director Norman J. Warren's first foray into the horror genre and I believe he hit a home run. This has been available before from Mill Creek in an edited version, which I reviewed a few years ago, but now this is the definitive version. RECOMMENDED!!

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