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Saturday, November 30, 2019


It took all these years, but I finally got to see this rather obscure Roger Corman film.

This film has eluded me for over 50 years until this month. The simple story revolves around a small bar called Cloud Nine where a young woman named Julie (Abby Dalton) might just get her big break singing for the patrons.

Her manager, a hip talking cat called Sir Bop (Mel Welles) gets her the gig and her big night goes terribly wrong when she finds that she if too frightened to sing in front of people.

The patrons themselves are colorful and they include a young boxer named Lester (Beach Dickerson), his girlfriend Syl (Barboura Morris), a reporter (Richard Cutting), and Shorty (Dick Miller).

The bar is invaded by two killers, Jigger (Russel Johnson) and Joey (Jonathan Haze) who threaten to kill everyone and before you know it they are having a standoff with the cops.

This film really moves along in it's 62 minute running time and Miller steals the show with his smart mouth and a chip on his shoulder portrayal of Shorty. I admit he talks like I do today. He is unimpressed with people and tired of listening to everyone.

The Platters make an appearance and sing several songs which is always a plus for me. I love them. This film is a pop culture time capsule of the 50's and one that shouldn't be missed by and Corman fan or any Dick Miller fan.

The rest of the cast includes Bruno Ve Sota, Jeanne Cooper, Ed Nelson and Robin Morse.

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