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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Every so often there comes a film that is astounding, and absolutely mind boggling, and this is one of them. Shot in El Paso Texas by Hal Warren in 1966, this film tells a rather bizarre tale of a man and his wife and daughter that get lost in the desert of El Paso and stumble onto a house which is "guarded" by a misshapen character named Torgo, and is apparently lived in by a character named "The Master" who worships a god named Manos.
In this movie you see some of the worst acting ever put in a movie and the longest and morst boring "cat fight" between the "Master's" wives. Damn they do babble and argue a lot!!
This is having a new release date in September from Shout Factory and it will be a remastered 2 disc set which will include a documentary on the making of this one of a kind movie.
I simply love bad movies and I highly Recommend this gem.

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