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Sunday, July 24, 2011


Well I am sorry to see a store like Borders go out of business. I know they are big box, which I don't usually like anyway, and yes, their movies where overpriced, but it is the books that matter.
Everyday at my atrocious job I listen to young people talk about e-readers and other such garbage. It seems that the young people of today have no concept what it is like to actually hold something in their hands that isn't electronic.
Why do you need an e-reader to read a book? Oh yeah, I know it's "cool" and shit like that, but why do you need it? More and more bookstores go out of business because of this, and now another 10,000 people nationwide will be unemployed...oh well I guess they can read the employment ads on e-readers.
Oh and lets not forget our "leader" in Washington who will also help you.
Bye bye Borders.

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