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Monday, November 24, 2014


A few days ago I reviewed the remake of this from 1964.

Two hired killers come to a small town to kill a man called "The Swede". They are played by Charles McGraw and William Conrad. These two are cruel an they show it by taking over a diner waiting for "Swede" to come for dinner as he does every night.

When he doesn't show up, they find out where he lives and head for his apartment. They find him an kill him. The odd thing is even after warnings he puts up no resistance. An insurance investigator played by Edmond O'Brien looks into the case and is startled to find that "The Swede" whose real name in Ole Anderson was once involved in a very complex crime involving a payroll robbery.

This is an excellent example of film noir. There is plenty of dark an moody photography and a cast to die for. besides the above mentioned people the cast also includes Burt Lancaster in the role of Ole, a man with a very dark past. Ava Gardner as Kitty, the woman who is the undoing of Ole, Albert Dekker, Virginia Christine, Sam Levene and Jack Lambert.

The presentation from Criterion is perfect and the film never looked better. Any fan of film noir will enjoy this tight and well made film. Recommended!! Note: Actress Virginia Christine also appeared in the remake in 1964.

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