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Thursday, March 26, 2015


Last weekend I played a couple of films that are about as far apart as one could get.

RETURN OF THE VAMPIRE 1944 (MILL CREEK)....Released on Jan. 1st, 1944 this horror film stars Bela Lugosi as a vampire named Armand Tesla who is first killed in 1918 and then brought back to life during WW2 after the metal stake is removed from his heart after a bombing.

Matt Willis is on hand as Andreas, a man cursed by Tesla to be a werewolf servant. This role is probably the most unique during this time period in film making. Tesla claims more victims while pretending to be a doctor named Hugo Bruckner.

This is pretty wild stuff from Columbia studios and it all comes together very well. I first stumbled onto this film back when I was very young on KWGN TV from Denver. A good thriller with a very interesting story. Recommended!!

THE WOMAN EATER 1959 (IMAGE)....George Coulouis stars as a man who brings a very odd plant back from Africa and proceeds to feed it women in order to extract a fluid that he hopes will revive the dead.

The plant monster is pretty cool looking and the cast does a good job with the material they have. Vera Day is the beautiful woman who becomes ensnared in the trap set by the mad doctor. This film is very obscure today and not talked about too much, and that is a shame.

The film isn't as bad as people make it out to be, and I do recommend it for 50's horror buffs.

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