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Sunday, December 20, 2015


An unabashed Lucio Fulci classic.

A family move into a house outside of Boston and soon find that there are some very bizarre things going on. The opening of the film starts with a brutal murder of a young woman and her boyfriend in the house.

The family is haunted by strange noises and someone creeping around. Their little boy (who is badly dubbed) sees a young girl whom no one else can see, and she tries to warn him not to enter the house.

It turns out that a man who was experimenting with eternal life has been in the house since the 1700's and now has to eat human flesh in order to survive. This lets us see a few very brutal killings as only Fulci can do.

If you like Italian gore films, you will like this film. The gory killings are a standout and the film itself looks very good. The print TCM ran was beautiful. I highly recommend this film for Italian movie fans as well as Fulci fans. One of his best.

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