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Saturday, December 19, 2015


Now here is the third part of the Top 50 countdown.

30. WILLIAM CASTLE HORROR COLLECTION (MILL CREEK)...Five great horror films from Castle make this collection a winner. The movies are THE OLD DARK HOUSE, 13 FRIGHTENED GIRLS, 13 GHOSTS, MR. SARDONICUS and HOMICIDAL.

29. LOVE BUTCHER (SINISTER CINEMA)...Totally off the wall film about a killer who is not what he seems to be. This film has to be seen to be believed.

28. FRANKENSTEIN MUST BE DESTROYED (WARNER)BLU-RAY...Peter Cushing returns as Frankenstein in this excellent example of Hammer Horror.

27. TENTACLES/REPTILICUS (SHOUT FACTORY)BLU-RAY... Great double bill of giant monsters from Shout. The presentation is excellent and both movies are well worth seeing.

26. IT FOLLOWS (RADIUS)...Great example of how to make a modern horror film. An un-named being stalks a young woman for obscure reasons. This one really works.

25. KISS ME MONSTER (SINISTER CINEMA)...A beautiful detective duo gets involved with satanists, sadists and a serum for human clones. One of the oddest films I have ever seen. I am very glad to see Sinister turn this out.

24. COUNT YORGA VAMPIRE (TWILIGHT TIME)BLU RAY... Robert Quarry stars as a modern day vampire in this timeless horror classic.

23. HOUSE OF 1000 DOLLS (KINO) BLU-RAY...Vincent price stars as a magician involved in a white slave ring in the orient. One of my favorite films.

22. BEAST AND THE MAGIC SWORD (SINISTER CINEMA)... Paul Naschy stars as Waldamar Daninsky, a man cursed to turn into a werewolf during the full moon. He seeks a cure in Japan and ends up fighting Ninja's!! One of the best of the series of Naschy werewolf films.

21. ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK (SHOUT FACTORY) BLU RAY...Kurt Russell stars as Snake Plisskin, a criminal who is sent into New York which is now a huge prison to rescue the President of the United State. A fun and action filled film from John Carpenter.

Well that wraps up part 3 of my countdown. Next Saturday I will bring you part 4.

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