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Wednesday, December 23, 2015


In this entry we have Roger Moore as Bond.

Outstanding entry in the Bond series finds the secret agent fighting a voodoo cult and a master criminal who has a very unusual plan to take over the United States.

Yaphet Kotto is Kananga a man who wants to eventually turn the entire country into heroine addicts and is letting nothing stop him from implementing his goal. Gorgeous Jane Seymour is Solitaire, a woman who has the power to predict the future and is used by Kananga.

The opening three scenes of agents being killed in very odd ways captures your attention right away, and once this mlovie starts it never lets you go until the end. This is one of my favorite Bond films as it has such a great "flavor" to it, and really strikes me as different.

Lois Maxwell is again Moneypenny, Bernard Lee is M and the rest of the cast includes Robert Dix in an uncredited role as Hamilton, an agent who is murdered at the beginning in New Orleans, Clifton James as Sheriff Pepper (he really steals all of the scenes he's in), Julius Harris is Tee Hee, a hook handed killer, David Hedison is Leiter, and beautiful Gloria Hendry is Rosie a character i really liked and it was a shame to see her killed by Kananga.

A well made a very enjoyable film with an excellent theme song by Paul and Linda McCartney.

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