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Monday, November 19, 2018


A cleaver parody on caper films.

Again, this is a rare gem that only a company like Sinister would ever bother to put out.

Several people from different backgrounds and countries are brought together by and international gangster to pull of a heist that is quite interesting.

The men are brought together to steal jewels from a very highly guarded bank vault in Russia. Even though this is a spoof of "caper" films, the way the crime is pulled off and the planning are very well done and handled with high style.

Fernando Sancho is Prof. Higgins, the leader of the rag tag group and he is a very familiar face for those of us who watch Spaghetti Westerns or low budget US horror films.

Ingrid Schoeller is stunning as Tamara Maslova, a female Russian agent who actually wants to escape to the west. Her striptease scene is far too short. The rest of the cast includes Eduardo Fajardo, Andrea Aureli and Claudio Perone.

If you like these kinds of films, I suggest you check this out. The print quality is very good.

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