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Thursday, December 26, 2019


One of my favorite Spanish horror films comes to Blu-ray and it looks stunning.

This is the second film with Paul Naschy as Waldemar Daninsky, but his character really plays second banana to everything else going on.

Aliens invade the Earth with the intention of wiping out the human race by using fear and superstition against the. Michael Rennie stars as Dr. Odo Warnoff, the leader of the alien invaders from a dying planet who enlists the help of two other scientists who were killed but no re-animated by the aliens.

These revived scientists are Dr. Kerian (Angel del Pozo) and Maleva Kerstein (Karin Dor). Together the three of them search the world for Earth monsters and find a vampire, a werewolf (Daninsky of course), The Mummy, and Farancksalan Monster.

Something begins to go terribly wrong when Maleva begins to have human emotions and falls in love with Kerian. Not only this, but they find it hard to control the monsters and the beautiful women they have captured and brainwashed into their helpers.

All of the prints I have seen, never make too much sense, but I loved the film anyway. Now with this UNCUT release, several scenes help make it more understandable, and it never looked better. This is the US debut of the uncut print as well and being in the proper widescreen aspect ratio. The film moves along at a very quick pace and is never boring.

If you like Euro sci-fi and horror with super sexy Euro babes, you'll love this film. The disc has the US and Spanish language versions plus some pretty cool trailers and a great stills gallery.

Karin Dor was and always will be incredibly sexy to me and she is the main draw in this film, as far as I am concerned. The rest of the cast includes Craig Hill and the beautiful Patty Shepard. One of the best releases of the year. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

I guess I should explain that the Frankenstein monster has had it's name changed in this film to an almost unpronounceable one and I believe this was done out of fear of copyright infringement. Every time they say his name I have to do a double take.

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