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Sunday, October 31, 2021


Mike Raven made his acting debut in this weird English horror film.

Raven is Victor Clare, a sculptor who killed a woman a few years before and had her body covered in bronze to keep her with him forever.

Years later he is living at a secluded home and all seems quiet. That is until several people arrive and Victor sets his sights on a young woman named Millie (Mary Maude).

Millie developes a friendship with Victor's live in model, Marcia (Judy Matheson) and before you know it there are several murders of a very gruesome nature.

This is not a fast moving film by any means and it seems to move too slow for most horror fans. I hadn't seen the film in almost 30 years and I found it to be an ok time waster.

The best thing about the film was Judy Matheson, who is simply stunning in her blue bikini. Watch it for that and that alone.

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