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Tuesday, October 26, 2021


This film directed by S. William Hinzman is pretty damned good.

I had never had the chance to catch this Pittsburgh shot horror film until just a few weeks ago.

A msked killer is going around killing the cheerleaders in a small town school, and the local police are having a very difficult time finding the killer.

There are a few interesting sub plots going on as well, and they will manage to throw you a curve ball and take this movie into places where you'd never guess. John Russo wrote the novel and the screenplay and the cast is made up of local Pittsburgh actors and actresses.

Russ Streiner is in this as a priest and turns in a good performance. The film has some standout scenes in it and each one has it's own merits. I loved the opening scenes with the beautiful high school girls doing their routines while the sleazy janitor looks on. Then when they go to shower he is taking pictures thru a hole in the wall.

This kind of scene makes the killer seem all the more normal when you consider that whom you think is normal is not! The ending of the film is one bloody affair and I will recommend this movie to any horror fan.

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